The UK tech scene has been thriving for years now, especially here in Manchester.

From fintech to proptech to medtech it’s hard to keep up with the latest startups and within each of these areas there are players using their technology to bring about social change and we love it.

Here’s our pick of 15 UK tech startups using technology for good.

Push Doctor

We had to kick off our list with a Manchester tech startup. Push Doctor is an app connecting you with a doctor to discuss your health concerns and care needs – they can make referrals or offer a prescription service.

They’ve helped thousands of people get the care they need without having to wait for a doctors appointment – freeing up NHS GP appointments which are under increasing pressure, as well as reducing lost productivity to time taken off to go to appointments.

Open Bionics

Can you get more tech than a bionics company? They exist to create bionic limbs that are accessible and more affordable for upper limb amputees.

What’s more cool is the way they talk about their products – their site talks about “turning disabilities into superpowers.” The way disability should be talked about.


If ever there was an industry that needed shaking up by technology surely it’s rail travel and the customer experience. Transreport help transport operators better understand the needs of their passengers.

Their Passenger Assist app has been designed for people who need specific assistance at train stations – putting an end to the misery that those who need assistance face everytime they make a train journey.


Food waste is a huge problem in the UK. OLIO connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.

With so much food thrown away unnecessarily, OLIO is building a more sustainable way of sourcing food, saving the planet and money for its users.


Another high tech startup in our list, Pavegen produces off-grid electrical energy by converting the footsteps of people walking over its tile surface into energy using electro-magnetic generators. Yes really.

They work with smart cities, brands and transport hubs to produce energy and data from footsteps.


Anyone who rents knows that sometimes rental properties can be cold, damp and not very nice places to live. Switchlee works with landlords to create a more enjoyable environment for tenants using technology.

They have created a smart, internet connected thermostat that learns your preferences and can automatically control your heating, thus lowering bills and reducing energy consumption. Good for the tenant and the planet.


Another eco tech startup, Powervault helps reduce energy bills by storing free solar energy or cheap energy from the grid. Great for the environment and your wallet.

Working with the National Grid the aim is to reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels during peak times and build a more sustainable, low carbon energy network.


Another industry that needed shaking up, the energy market. Known for its negative impact on the environment and high prices.

Bulb supplies its customers with 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas.  Their technology makes it easy to switch supplier in under 2 minutes whilst feeling better about the impact you’re having on the planet.

Who are you favourite tech startups doing good with technology?

Think we’ve missed a startup? Let us know in the comments box below. We love finding new startups doing amazing things for people and the planet.


Mitchel runs ethical marketing agency Reward which works with brands doing good, he's passionate about social mobility, the environment and ethical business.

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